Buyer Inspection

A thorough inspection before buying is important to ensure that there aren’t major hidden problems with the property. While the inspector is assessing the property, it’s important to allow them to work uninterrupted so that they can focus all their attention on the task at hand. As such, we recommend that you take notes during the inspection so that you can ask detailed follow-up questions later. That way, you can make sure to ask everything you want to while also helping ensure the inspector finds any difficult-to-detect problems. 

Once you’ve signed the final paperwork, any problems that you discover with your home are yours to deal with, and the seller is in no way responsible at that point. That’s what makes it so important to schedule an inspection before closing on the property. In other words, if you need a roof replacement or foundation repairs and you only discover it after closing, you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself. In effect, failing to schedule a home inspection prior to purchase can significantly increase the overall price of your home purchase. 

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